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There are many hints and tips pages on line covering just about every subject so some of the advice found here may also be repeated else where. The hints and tips given here is learnt from our own experience and not copied from other websites however you should always use your own best judgment and this advice may or may not be of use to you.

If you are in the early stages of planning a party its best to deal with things in a logical, yet simple order. When you are planning a party there are three main things to think about first and a few other less important things to plan for later.

Plan your party

The first and most important thing to think about is your guests. Without your guests there is no party so making a rough draught of the guest list is an essential first step. From the guests list you will an idea of numbers to expect, so finding a suitable party venue and deciding on the catering will be easier. Its also true that everyone will need to put your special occasion in their diary so giving as much notice as possible is a key to ensuring all the people you want to come to your party are not already booked.

Party Venue

The next thing is you need to think about is the party venue. You will need to find a venue which is suitable for both the occasion and will meet the needs of your guests. From the number of people on your guests list you will have an idea of how big the venue will need to be. You will also need to consider if the party venue you have in mind is not on the ground floor, steep steps may not be suitable if you have less able guests attending your party. If its a family party you should also consider the area around the venue and check its safe for children. Its likely throughout the event smokers will venture to the outside world and doors may be left open so unsupervised kids can wonder off.

The size or capacity of the party venue is a very important consideration. If you are expecting only 30 guests a venue that can hold 200 will seem cold and not generate a nice friendly party atmosphere. Likewise a venue that's too small will not give your guests space to relax and will seem claustrophobic. A party venue should not have acers of unused space but still be big enough to give everyone room to circulate.

The venue lighting is a very important consideration, at most parties the dancing doesn't really get going until it gets dark, so you need a way to control the lights onto the dance floor. Parties during the summer months always benefit by having a way to shut out the light. Check your party venue for skylights that cannot be covered and a way to turn some of the lights off but still leaving one or two on. Dimmer switches are best.

Party Entertainment

Later you will need to think about such things as how you are going to cater for your guests, how you are going to decorate the party venue or what outfit you are going to wear but organising the party entertainment should come first. The reason for this is that after the party everyone will remember if there was lots of dancing but hardly anyone will remember what they ate, drank or what the room looked like. The party entertainment is the thing that will help make your occasion the special celebration you are planning for.

We believe the most economical and versatile form of party entertainment is with a mobile disco and obviously we hope you would book a mobile disco with us. However if you do not please check our DJ hire page for some tips on choosing the right mobile disco. It may be the case you feel different forms of party entertainment would be better suited to your occasion or may wish to hire more than one type of entertainment. For the contact details other party entertainers please visit our links page.

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