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All DJs will need a love of music, however some will love just one type, so its important to establish what type of DJ you want to hire. Basically there are three main DJ styles which are radio/DJ presenter which is fine if you are hosting a corporate function or if you want a famous face behind the decks. Although it will break up the dance floor action, a radio DJ should provide top chat with slick vocals between the music. You will need deep pockets to hire a top name radio DJ. Club DJs will be the best music mixers but the selections will be far more limited. If you are into one style of music such as R&B then an R&B club DJ is for you. However if its your wedding it will go without saying your gran will hate it. Pro Mobile Disco fits into the third group which are party DJs. We use the microphone as appropriate and play a general mix of everything adapting the music mix to match the audience as well as the occasion.

Some people become DJs because they think that the mobile disco business is a way of turning their music playing hobby into a way of making some easy extra money. A DJ playing their own favourite music who wants to make a big profit will almost certainly be using the cheapest mobile disco equipment available. We have all been to parties were the DJ played a music set that only a few people would recognize on little more than a home hi-fi. It may have been the case that the person organising the party had previously seen the DJ at a different party or in a club were a specialized music mix was appropriate and on that occasion the party may have been a great success. However to expect the same formula that worked well at an 18th birthday party with just teenagers to work just as well at a family wedding would be wrong.

With most general parties such as birthdays weddings, theme nights etc the DJ needs to adapt the music mix on a tune by tune basis. A pre selected music mix never works as well as when the DJ is reading the crowd and playing a music selection in response to the actions of the audience. A DJ needs to be able to tell if a tune is likely to build the party atmosphere or create a dance floor walk off. To pick which tunes will work best for each party situation the DJ will need a huge selection and the knowledge of different music. A DJs ability to read a crowd is essential to turn a special occasion into a fantastic celebration.

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