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There are many DJ hire hints and tips pages on line and this is ours, however this is not to sell our mobile disco service but to offer some suggestions on how to choose which mobile disco to hire. We would hope you contact Pro Mobile Disco but if you do not or we are unavailable we can at least can offer guidance on how to find a reliable and professional mobile disco in Hertfordshire.

When you start to plan your party, if you do already have a reliable mobile disco in mind contact the DJ immediately. However if you are starting from scratch, or the reliable DJ is unavailable its best to speak to several mobile discos and take the time to ask lots of questions. Some of the questions we are most frequently asked are displayed in the DJ FAQ section. From your questions and the answers given you can normally have an idea who will be the most committed to making your special occasion a success.

There is a vast range in service quality offered by mobile discos in Herts and its an unfortunate fact that some DJs will make claims which are simply not true. For example you will find every DJ will say they use state of the art, top quality mobile disco equipment and have vast DJ experience in all occasions. The reality is that it is possible to buy very a cheap second hand DJ system for a few hundred pounds, illegally download some music tracks and call yourself a DJ. A DJ who is a member of the NADJ or SEDA is far more likely to be to be reliable and have better quality DJ equipment as these organisations have a code of conduct and membership conditions such as PAT checks and PLI. Pro Mobile Disco has membership of both these associations.

When you speak to a mobile DJ there is no magic way to know if you are being told the complete truth, and who will provide the best DJ service, but claims along the lines of "Best DJ in Hertfordshire" or "Greatest Mobile Disco Ever" should be completely ignored. Obviously the mobile disco making these claims cannot have seen every other mobile disco in action, so this type of claim is an unrealistic exaggeration. It would be wise therefore to be suspicious of other exaggerations that may be made by the same DJ.

The age of the DJ will also give you a clue as to level of experience. Although it is possible an 18 year old DJ could have more party experience than a 40 year old DJ, its unlikely. The 40 year will more probably be able to perform very well at teenage parties but also have the experience of the more difficult parties such as corporate functions, weddings and anniversaries.

Mobile Disco Equipment

Its important to establish what mobile disco equipment your DJ is using because your favourite music will sound terrible on a cheap DJ system. Its just like a car journey, a top of the range limousine will get you there in far more luxury and comfort than a 20 year old banger. A cheap mobile disco setup will not produce the same full frequency range and will distort the music making the best music sound terrible. Click DJ Equipment for some more details of the Pro Mobile Disco set up.

Amateur DJ

Its a good idea to ask friends if they could recommend a DJ but a bad idea to let a a friend volunteer to be the DJ at your party. If your friend is a good DJ why would they work for free when they should be booked to play elsewhere. In the reverse situation, what ever job you do would you work for free simply because a friend asked you too. Amateur DJs only play at friends party's and so do not gain any real party experience. Its an unfortunate fact that the highest level of last minute phone calls we receive are because either a friend, or a friend of a friend offered to DJ and has cancelled at the last minute. Its far better not to strain a relationship and invite your friends to the party and hire a reliable professional DJ with a show must always go on attitude.

DJ Playlists

Some mobile Discos are proud to state its just your choice of music they play and welcome unlimited play lists. Although its very true it is your party and the customer is always right, other people attending may not like what you like, in fact they may have different totally tastes in music to you. Most people want lots of dancing at their party so, parties always work best when the DJ plays something for everyone ensuring everyone joins in the fun. However its not a good idea to ask friends and family in advance for their favourite's and add these to a playlist. A great party DJ will read a crowd and so its essential the DJ knows that the person who asked for a track is in the room. The DJ can then make a guess if playing the track will build a party atmosphere or create a dance floor walk off. An experienced party DJ will read the crowd and work hard to play the right tracks you and your friends will want to hear.

The reason why some DJs want you to provide a long playlist is because reading a crowd takes years of experience and is something that can only ever be done on the night. Its best to send your professional party DJ a list of about 10-25 of your favourite tracks and on the night let your DJ play loads of requests from everyone, this will really to get the party atmosphere going.

The exception to this is at Teenagers parties and prom nights. At these type of occasions music likes and dislikes are very specific and normally every will enjoy the same thing. However for general parties its not a good idea to ask friends and family in advance what they want to hear and add these tunes to a DJ play list. This is because the DJ needs to see that the person who likes a particular track is actually in the room to hear it.

If you are planning a party you will want everything to be perfect, and the party entertainment will be a very important part of the success of your event. A mobile Disco is a versatile way to provide this party entertainment and DJ hire can also be the most economical. However if you you do not already have the contact details of a reliable mobile disco you may find the task of DJ hire more problematic than you might think.